Requirements for Region and Unit Websites

Minimum requirements for Region and Unit Websites

Essential Elements for WBCCI, Region and Units web sites to be published on the Club’s main website,

These web-site elements improve the quality of our regions’ and units’ websites in the
ever-changing Internet marketplace. All units should have an informative and welcoming
Internet presence to be on par with Airstream Inc. and engage their customers, who are
also prospective members.


“About Our Unit” -A landing/welcome page with a short text
telling the user about the unit, the members, and what kind of activities they
enjoy.  Including the current year in the page title helps us with reviewing 133 websites

An about WBCCI page Brief description and brief history about WBCCI

Current Officers, please label the page with the current year for example  “2018 Officers” or “2018 Officers and Committees” Pictures are optional, but encouraged so new members will recognize the officers.

Membership Chair’s (or other officer’s) contact information for joining and asking
questions about the unit.

Current activities and rallies with short descriptions of the event, with page
titled with current year “2018” TBDs should be updated as soon possible.

Link to join either the Unit (online payment link is optional but encouraged) or a link to “Join” page


A link to the Blue Beret online:

Current newsletter and archive of newsletters, if digital format is available, with at
least 1 previous year’s archive.

Links to the following to the following are to be on the website.
National Events:
WBCCI web site:
Airstream website:

Current year international Rally website link:  Prefer the rally logo and hyperlink  for ease of use.  Format is (Location of Rally)  or (Location of Rally) . i.e. . or