Online Renewals and Registrations with PayPal


Hot News: Now Easier Than Ever!

Simple Online Registration now available!

This guide will show a Unit or Region webmaster how to setup an online registration for:

  • Annual membership renewals
  • Special Events (Region Rallies, Caravans, Special Rallies, Unit Rallies, etc)
  • Assorted purchases (gear, tickets, etc)




For Online Renewals – Use the Plugin “Contact Form with PayPal,” or “Calculated Fields.” 

For Rally Registration with several options, use “Calculated Fields.”

What’s the difference between these two plugins?  Contact Form with PayPal has the math skills of a first grader.  Very basic.   “Calculated Fields” can perform ALL the math functions and works very well when you want to calculate x people @ $y, plus additional options (trips, guest, child, etc.)  If you know basic math functions you can manage Calculated Fields.  Note: ALL the calculations are done in the one “calculated field.”


  • Using just the PayPal buttons is one way: it requires you to assess a single fee, with no variables.
  • No membership data is provided other than name and address.
  • PayPal  charges the “seller” (Unit/Region) a 2.9% (+$.30 per transaction) fee to use PayPal.
  • This fee is consistent with other online payment options operated at a similar transaction level.
  • Or, you can give users the option to pay with credit card.  The fees are approximately the same as PayPal’s.
  • You will have to determine who pays this fee:  the user, unit, region, rally fee, etc.
  • Some Units are sharing the fee with members. For example, the PayPal fee on an $80 Unit/WBCCI annual renewal is $2.62.  Some Units attach a $1 “online registration processing fee” and subsidize the rest, assuming the $1.62 is a reasonable amount to ease the process for the Unit Treasurer/Membership person.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us: