www prefix no longer needed with wbcci.net websites

WWW. prefix no longer needed with  ….wbcci.net websites

If you get this message when trying to access a Unit / Region / Caravan website, don’t worry.

You aren’t in a dangerous place. You’ve just used the www. prefix when accessing a website that has a new “certificate.” Because the www prefix doesn’t match the security certificate it triggers a warning. Nothing to fear. Keep browsing.

Restore the Classic Editor in WordPress 5.0

We may enjoy all the bells and whistles that come with Gutenberg, (the new default editor in WordPress 5.0) on the other hand, many websites probably won’t benefit from the new editor. Furthermore, you may need to restore the classic WordPress editor for compatibility reasons or just because most of you are already familiar with it and they are not very keen on learning a new way to work.

To activate the Classic Editor:

Go to Dashboard > Plugins. Then activate the Classic Editor plugin.