Calculated Field Form plugin reCAPTCHA

With the latest updates to Calculated Field Form (CFF) WordPress plugin,  it has broken the built in Captcha function.  The work around is to enable the Google reCAPTCHA feature.

To enable reCAPTCHA, login to your website.  And select the Calculated Field From from the menu options.

Next find the Add-Ons Area, and check the box for CFF – reCAPTCHA.

Then click the “Activate Addons” Button.  Scroll down a little further to the CFF – reCAPTCHA settings, you will need to enter the following Site Key and Secret Key.

The Keys are registered to the club, you don’t have to create your own keys.

Site key: 6LdFGBQUAAAAAA3N2sVmJKpJ7uFxbpI18BIM27gw
Secret key: 6LdFGBQUAAAAAMwUMgqMCzjPF-C01cRUVlf_zOXv

Click Save settings.  And your done, if you add Captcha to your form it now display the Google re-CAPTCHA.

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