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Note: This information is generally for Webmasters and requires a webmaster login to the new site.

  • The BEST way to get help is an email to  We strongly recommend you do NOT send an email to an individual on the ITC (or past ECC).  Send your requests and/or questions to – this enters them into a centralized tracking system and ensures your request will not get lost in email!

Logging into the new website – THIS HAS CHANGED

  • To edit/create Events (rallies, lunches, etc):
    Your username is the email address on file for you with The Airstream Club Headquarters.  To get you started, your password is “”.  When you first login, please change it to something else.
  • For assistance:
    * To get started, please visit the resources page at  This will be the main place for you for technical assistance .
    * In addition, if you have questions, please submit them by email to itc@airstreamclub .net and someone will reach out to you.

Media Library
When adding media it’s important that the name of the file include something that identifies it as attached to a specific club (i.e. club abbreviation or number), so your files can be found easily.  When viewing the media library you will see the entire media library and will need to filter for your club to see ONLY your files.

How Local Club / Unit Events Are Published in the Blue Beret

Events published on will automatically be pulled from the website for inclusion in the Blue Beret 6 WEEKS before  publication.  If your events are not published on by that the deadline, they will not be published in the Blue Beret.

Click HERE for a PDF of the Deadline for Events to Be Published in the Blue Beret

If you need to make a change after that date, you can email, but there is no guarantee that the change can be made in the Blue Beret.

Entering and Editing “Events” on the new site

Note: Events are what the new site calls rallies, caravans, lunches, etc.  The events go into a shared calendar that allows sorting by Unit/Local Club, Region, Caravan, etc.  This replaces the old Google Calendar capability some Clubs previously used.

How to enter and edit events to the Airstream Club International (ACI) Microsites

Note: You should already have your login information, but if not, contact the ITC at   If you are taking over for a previous webmaster, contact your Club President and have them submit the change to or by submitting a new officer reporting form to HQ.

Screen Shot 2020-01-21 at 10.10.05 PM.png

NOTE:  At the INITIAL EVENT CREATION If the LOCATION is not completed (address, city, state, zip and country), the system creates latitude and longitude coordinates from its own imagination.  If the location is entered later the latitude and longitude do_not_automatically correct to the appropriate location. The ITC recommends that, when an event is entered, the city, state, zip code and country should be entered at the same time.

Let us know if you have any questions.