Editing Events – Updates

With all the changes in camping schedules we’ve been getting a lot of questions about how to cancel or update events.

Instead of trying to delete the event, _edit_ the event and update the title to include “CANCELED” to make it clear to the user of the site that the event was canceled. Here’s an example, and another.

Note: If you find that you can’t save the event, go to the Location tab and ensure that there is a complete, valid location, including zip-code for the event. There is a system issue with the event editor where it requires a valid location before it allows an event to be saved but it does not notify of a missing or incorrect location. We’re working on getting that fixed.

Roy Beaver’s guide to editing events continues to be updated and is a great resource if you’re just starting out or need a refresher.

Moving Pins on Club Explorer

On the airstreamclub.org site there is an Explore page where new and existing members can find clubs on a convenient map.

When we launched the site we chose to place the pins for each local club in the geographic center of where the members for that club are located. That seems to have worked ok for most clubs, but it doesn’t work for all.

Some clubs have a very wide geographic skewed area for their members, while others have just a few of them that are really far away.  This moves the pin outside of the area that a club may consider its “home”.

You can request the pin for your club to be moved to a specific city, address or lat/long by sending an email to itc@airstreamclub.net.

Note: This pin move request must come from an officer in the local club to avoid confusion.

Blue Beret Copy Deadlines

Since the main web-site now has a central database of all events, the Blue Beret publication is using the events published there to pull together the list of upcoming rallies.

In order to get your local club’s events listed in the Blue Beret make sure it’s added to the site 6 weeks before the publication deadline.

Your local club officers know about the exact deadline date, but we figured it would be helpful to have the webmasters know what those deadlines are since the webmasters often end up adding events on behalf of the club.

The is posted both on the main airstreamclub.org site under Member Resources as well as here on the ITC site.

Please let us know if you have any problems posting events on the new site! We’re always looking for feedback!

Webmaster Update

Thank you for all your work creating and updating your local Airstream club’s events on
airstreamclub.org. Since we sent initial instructions on editing the website in late
August we have learned a lot about the new website and have some updates to share
with you.
  • Attached is a PDF file with updated information on “Managing Your Events on the ACI Website” created by Roy Beavers, Region 3 webmaster.
  • Future updates on editing airstreamclub.org will be posted to itc.airstreamclub.net for your reference.
  • The former Electronic Communication Committee has a new identity: InformationTechnology Committee (ITC). Our website itc.airstreamclub.net archives information on editing the new website, adding events, and managing @airstreamclub.net and @wbcci.net emails.


The following are some notifications of which you should be aware:
  1. The Google Calendars on wbcci.net websites have been replaced by the Events calendar on airstreamclub.net, so you no longer have to maintain two calendars. Please remove the Google Events calendar on your WordPress and replace by a link to the Events calendar on airstreamclub.org. Instructions on how to create the link are located on itc.airstreamclub.net. An example of how this works can be seen at for:
  2. If you are taking over for a previous webmaster, contact your Club/Unit President and have them submit the change to info@airstreamclub.org or submitting a new officer reporting form.

Event Editing Tips

  • It is important that the Name and Title of your event identifies it as your club’s event. They can be the same. Currently there are several “Installation Rallies.” If we need to help you with an event it’s very difficult to determine which club created which event. Titling your events so they can be identified as belonging to your local club is helpful so you can find them later. We recommend using club number after the title, e.g “Installation Rally 0014”
  • Size of media files should be under 3M and, for images, approximately 300×300 pixels. You will need to adjust the size of the files / images before uploading to the website. There is no image editor within the new website.
  • At this time, all images and PDF files are uploaded to a single
    Media Library. Titling your media files so they can be identified as belonging to your local club would be helpful if you wish to reuse them, We recommend using club number in the image name e.g. “Rally Dinner 0014.”
  • Latitude and Longitude should be auto-entered for event locations. However, if you enter it yourself, just use numbers. Using a degree symbol or N, W will cause the rally not to be shown on the rally map. Correct:
    39.7392, -104.9903 Incorrect: 39.7392° N, 104.9903°
  • When completing an event, it’s essential to complete the Tags box at the bottom of the INFO tab. Multiple Tags can be entered, but be sure to enter the Region as one Tag, and also a Tag if the Event is a Rally, Lunch, Dinner, Caravan, National Event, etc. Tagging the events allows them to be displayed in the list of Rallies, Region Events, Caravans and National Events, etc.
  • The “Body” is the place to enter all specific details about the event, i.e. meals, activities, programs, etc. There is no field for “time” of event because there is only one template – Rallies – which don’t generally have a start and end time.
  • There’s a bug in the system that doesn’t allow single day events in some cases. If you have problems with getting an event to show a single day, email itc@airstreamclub.net and send us the name of the event and the correct date. We’ll fix it for you. Please be sure that your event is complete with Tags and all details before requesting help with the date. At this time, if you make changes to the event after we reset the date the date error will be re-occur. We’re working on fixing this bug. There may also be errors with multiple-day events. Please check how your event displays after creating it.
  • Officer names, offices, membership numbers, and emails are imported into airstreamclub.org from the main club database. Unit webmasters are not able to edit this information at this time. Local club webmasters do not have permission to delete events. Email itc@airstreamclub.net and include the event name and local club name of the file you would like deleted. We’ll take care of it for you. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions about the Event editing process or share your insights. Your feedback helps us learn more and keep other webmasters informed.
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Gmail issues, sending bulk emails to your members.

Gmail/Google doesn’t like if you copy and paste email addresses into the CC or BCC lines.  Please use this method instead.

Send bulk messages using Groups

Applies if you’re sending a message to a large group

If you’re sending a message to a large number of recipients, our system might flag the message as spam. The most common issue is that a message is Cc’d or Bcc’d to a large number of recipients, similar to how spam is sent out. To fix this, put all your recipients in a group and send the message to the group address instead. See Set up Groups for your team

Important: If a message can’t be delivered to a large number of the group’s members, the group message will bounce. Be sure to only include active, correctly spelled email addresses.

www prefix no longer needed with wbcci.net websites

WWW. prefix no longer needed with  ….wbcci.net websites

If you get this message when trying to access a Unit / Region / Caravan website, don’t worry.

You aren’t in a dangerous place. You’ve just used the www. prefix when accessing a website that has a new “certificate.” Because the www prefix doesn’t match the security certificate it triggers a warning. Nothing to fear. Keep browsing.

Restore the Classic Editor in WordPress 5.0

We may enjoy all the bells and whistles that come with Gutenberg, (the new default editor in WordPress 5.0) on the other hand, many websites probably won’t benefit from the new editor. Furthermore, you may need to restore the classic WordPress editor for compatibility reasons or just because most of you are already familiar with it and they are not very keen on learning a new way to work.

To activate the Classic Editor:

Go to Dashboard > Plugins. Then activate the Classic Editor plugin.


How To Filter Club Messages into your InBox

If you are a Gmail, Google Mail (@wbcci.net or @airstreamclub.net) user, or you use some other email clients with tight spam filters, your messages from WBCCI – The Airstream Club International may be filtered into your Spam/Junk Folder or your “Promotions” Folder because they were sent by a company, not an individual.

To create a filter that will send these messages into your Personal Inbox:

  1. Open Gmail or your chosen email inbox.
  2. Select the message in your message list from WBCCI.
  3. Click the “MORE” button, then “Filter Messages Like These.” Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 12.54.30 PM








4. Enter your filter criteria in the appropriate fields.  Generally you only need to enter the email address at the top of the first page (if it isn’t already present), and click on Categorize > Personal, then “Create Filter.”   Messages from this email address should now appear in your inbox.


Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 12.55.03 PM